The Royal Roses Experience

The Royal Roses

Our mission was to create the modern interpretation of flower delivering with simplistic luxury. Royal Roses delivers every arrangement in the highest quality, customized hand-made boxes which covered by artistic silk-touch paper that in itself is stunning. We carefully select and prepare each rose to live up to the highest standards. Our trademarked Royal Roses Box is allowed to be handled exclusively by our specialized delivery crew to ensure the roses arrive in perfect conditions.


We work to make The Royal Roses more than a brand, but a way for people to express how they feel to one another. This is what makes The Royal Roses the symbol of joy that is surprising someone with a gift, regardless of occasion.


Preserved roses are unique in a way that they remain fresh for approximately a year. They are specially treated live roses that require no water or sunlight and will not die under regular indoor conditions.


The Royal Roses boxes are hand-crafted and covered in silk-touch paper to ensure the highest quality. Made in Europe by a small family-owned manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in box building.